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Velcro Mosquito Net
For Windows​

From the Olden days to the Current era, people have been affected by many kinds of diseases,  Mosquito providing six deadly  disease to people and that increases more deaths volume. According to the Current Survey, people affected by mosquitoes has increased by Nearly 700 million, and get a mosquito-borne illness each year resulting in over 7,25,000 deaths.

Velcro Mosquito Net For Windows

Velcro Mosquito Net

So we have the duty to protect ourselves and our families from deadly mosquitoes. We have 2 to 3 types of ways of protecting our family against mosquitoes, in the current generation people are using some gel to protect themselves but it causes some skin diseases in our children. fast backward people use mosquito bats to protect against mosquitoes but it also have some problems regarding charging and not working issues.

So what is the way to protect against deadly mosquitoes? The only way is to protect against mosquitoes is our traditional way which is “MOSQUITO NET FOR WINDOWS” This way of protecting against mosquitoes causes no skin problems and charging problems.

There are more types of mosquito nets for windows. Here we gonna see about Velcro mosquito nets for windows

Most of the time people using Velcro mosquito nets for windows have fewer problems against mosquitoes. And it will protect your family from all types of mosquitoes that spread deadly diseases.

This velcro mosquito net is used to place in windows and doors. velcro mosquito net has been placed by all people because it is more economical than gels & Mosquito bats. The velcro mosquito net is have the opportunity to place in all kinds of windows i.e. we can place this velcro mosquito net in the hall, bedroom, balcony even in the bathroom window. This gives more advantage for people to place this velcro mosquito in their homes.

Another advantage of velcro mosquito net is “It Is washable”. We can use a washing machine to wash our Velcro mesh and it also has fire retardant i.e this type of Velcro mesh can control the spreading of fire.

We can place this velcro mosquito in all kinds of industries like hospitals, apartments, schools & colleges, hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, etc.

This type of velcro mosquito net for windows can brought by “ THAAI INTERIORS ” We have 4+ experience in the mosquito net industry and have 200+ satisfied clients.

We have been winning 10+ awards in this industry within a short span of time.


We are giving the best quality velcro mosquito net for windows at affordable prices. Our velcro mosquito net will protect your family from deadly mosquitoes and keep your home disease-free.

We have the 3 points of quality control check before going to install. We don’t compromise on quality and we check the size, color, movement, etc before going to installation. This quality control check is done by our CEO after all processes are over we will deliver our Velco mosquito nets.


After finishing the quality process, the next step will be installation. our team of experienced people will come to your home to install our velcro mosquito net for windows.

Our team members have knowledge about all kinds of doors including UPC, uPVC, aluminium also wooden doors.

we have trained them to install mosquito nets for all kinds of houses and industries.


We also provide the best service for a Velcro mosquito net, if anything happens to your mosquito net please don’t worry we are here to provide the best service in mosquito nets.

we trained them to give the best service for mosquito nets for windows and doors.

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